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XAMPP is a free Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl
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raju p

raju p Great stuff.

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Arthur Kennedy Otieno Jonyo

Arthur Kennedy Otieno Jonyo You have to uninstall all the XAMPP components manually and delete all folders before you can update it, this is a major step back in development. Aside from it, this platform is great!! Continue supporting Apache Friends!

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Guest #18914061

Guest #18914061 superb

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Greg Waters

Greg Waters The con's say it all...
From the start: Ridicilously large download, bad documentation, slow, confuse and poor features, totally useless logs, no reasonable monitoring, etc. And slow. And buggy.

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Russ Billard

Russ Billard Application is great for localhost development

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Guest It's user friendly

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Guest The best of the best.Should be 5 star rating.And it never let me down.Use it often.--Thank you.

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Guest This is a very good software when it comes to making stuff for games (or even hacking the games smile )

Hey Guest, you cant just do something like that with it, when you clicked it to start. You have to go somewhere to get everything you want with it smile .

This is what you have to do:
1.) Start XAMP.
2.) Start Apache
3.) Start MySql
4.) Go to this website after you done the above and do your stuff:

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Guest XAMPP is very very good!!!!!

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Guest good, complex?? dont really know how to open a php file still, I ran it on XAMPP then tried clicking on it and nothing happened?? HELP!!

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N14n_Cyber OOOo.... it's A piece Of cake.. you still click start xampp and click start apache...
If nothing happened, smile you must install again with new xampp... Thanks By :Cyber Com smile

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