WAMPP (Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl for Windows) environment for web development
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XAMPP is the main project from apachefriends.org. This german site offers an installation package for installing Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl right out-of-the-box.
XAMPP is great for setting up a WAMPP environment in a very fast and convenient way, with the latest stable versions of all the components.
The basic package includes:
- Apache web server (v.2.2.8), with the OpenSSL module installed and configured,
- MySQL database server (5.0.51a),
- PHP programming language (5.2.5 and 4.4.8, with the possibility to quickly switch between them),
- phpMyAdmin 2.11.4, a web DBMS for MySQL,
- FileZilla Server 0.9.25 (an FTP server),
- Mercury Mail Transport System 4.52 (a mail delivery system).

With XAMPP, you can develop, test and deploy into production enterprise-grade web applications built in PHP or Perl. It provides a set of management tools, components and utilities, security advice, special update packages, and more.
You can even use the unzip package to avoid install the suite and make changes to the system, which converts XAMPP into an extremely versatile solution for web development in Windows environments.

Review summary


  • Very easy setup for a WAMPP server


  • I have found no disadvantages
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